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The wonderful walls of Sesame Workshop


You might not know how to get to the offices of Sesame Workshop, but you’d have no doubt that you’d arrived when the elevator doors opened thanks to the chalk murals on the 8th floor courtesy of the Creative Services team.

The project began when CEO Mel Ming asked Louis Henry Mitchell, the Associate Design Director of Special Projects, to put his twenty years of experience drawing the beloved characters to work decorating the area by the elevators.

Two of the challenges Mitchell confronted were that he had never drawn the characters on such a large scale or in chalk on a black surface.

As the drawing evolved, I began to realize what was unique about both the surface and the chalk. I could use the black wall to shape their smiling mouths and to make their eyes pop. It also created natural shadows in the characters’ fur, giving it an especially textured, vivid look. The chalk was so cooperative.

So cooperative, in fact, that the rest of the office eventually jumped on the bandwagon, adding their own twist to the characters.

If that doesn’t chase the clouds away, we don’t know what would.


Full story at Sesame Street Tumblr via Sesame Workshop.

Always a sunny day on Sesame Street.

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