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The World in 1963–a photo essay

Kennedy, Corvettes, Martin Luther King, Vietnam…you name it. 1963 was a banner year for photographs.


Photo credit: National Archive/Newsmakers

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  • Good one, Guy!..

  • It's hard to imagine another year that produced so many iconic images.

  • Next you'll see someone take this image and photoshop a cell phone in Jackie's hand.

  • A great collection of photographs. I was eight in 1963 and Ii do remember seeing some

  • a yerekek bármit eltudnak képzelni

  • with captions

  • I was eight in 1963, and I remember some of the events covered in this essay. Particularly JFK

  • Wrong they're history

  • Beautiful!!

  • funny i was in school when he got shot. i think the second grade when our nuns came into to our class and told us to pray.

  • It's always a tad mindblowing to realize things I remember so well happened half a century ago.  Does not seem possible.  (Did I already mention I was there at #22?  I'm always bragging about that)

  • What's she saying,
    "Your gonna get shot in the head, right about here. " ?

  • +Kenneth Stevenson funny you should say that – I automatically thought she was on a cell – conditioned by these times – and only noticed she wasn't after reading your post!

  • Really amazing and all so familiar. It also really illuminates how differently we saw these sorts of photos then … as very literal and objective. Soooo unlike today.

  • The innocence of Life Magazine recalled.

  • I was born in 1963. Other events included Winston Churchill being made an hon US citizen by Pres Kennedy. Dr Who. The Great Train Robbery and Profumo Scandle. The Beatles and Rolling Stones. It was quite a year.

  • These photos could have used more Rolling Stones.  🙂 and Kinks, definitely The Kinks.

  • Great! +Guy Kawasaki

  •  sou fã dos dois..

  • Salmon khan

  • Such a pivotal time especially for Civil Rights as evidenced by some very powerful and mind-blowing photographs. To see people with such hate in their veins smiling and taunting fellow humans is unconscionable. Makes me wonder if those people are still alive and ashamed of themselves.

  • Wasn't it also the year Bob Dylan performed at the Newport Festival and became an instant inspiration for a new generation of folk singers?

  • History!!!

  • Boom !!!! One more case for gun control!!!

  • +Daniel Carr It's a little late…

  • Ahhh !!! Even more reason 2 take action now!!!

  • +Ted Dumbauld I have friend who is a conspiracy nut and he would see this photo and say that the phone was actually removed during printing, why else would she be holding hand that way?

  • I remenber well. Lived an hour east of Dallas, in middle school. We listened to the radio coverage with our heads on our desks, crying (teachers too). Shocked.

  • Life Magazine had a lot of great pictures, but Kennedy was a louse and cheated on Jackie

  • Haters…tesk … tesk !!!!

  • 🙂

  • +Guy Kawasaki, I wonder if this was one of the last photographs of JFK. Looks like it is because JFK's handlers never took off the bubble top except for that horrible nov. 22 day in '63.

  • seems the last photo of him in Texas before he was shot..I was a young teenager at that time..13 year old.

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  • Awesome pic.

  • Love them

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  • About the time you were posting this, I was talking to a Jehovah's Witness who rang my doorbell about how his father and grandfather yelled at him at the dinner table, calling him a coward hippie, for refusing the draft. Photographs have a way of dehumanizing people. Real people are still suffering the bad decisions the Pentagon continues to make.

  • Printing is a little bit of a hassle, but it is possible. You just need to fuss with it. +Will Shawn

  • +Claudia Nauli .thank you, I want to get into photography, and need something that is easy to use and I think I just may get one