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Things the poor do that the rich don’t

Now there are a lot of problems with this video. Of course, you can’t just adopt these fifteen habits and suddenly become rich. Instead, think about what are the conditions that lead to these differences. Can you create the circumstances that will allow those conditions to flourish in your own life?

Full story at YouTube.

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  • Alexander Ruiz de Aguirre

    I will be reach in the near future!

  • I will be rich

  • I will be enriched by the experiences and opportunities I take. I will be enriched by the capabilities within myself that I discover along the way. I will not waste my life.

  • I will be super rich with CocoCash because I took action and made CocoTaps.com real❤️CocoLove

  • I’m rich – I have health & life …I’ll deal with the rest

  • tarrif

    @Maria, Best response ever. Nothing is as valuable as health and life.

  • Your riches are NO good in the grave, your best bet is to look after your health

  • Agha

    I start from grocery as delivery boy now i am owner of two companies in three years and i will be more rich

  • Babatunde Ikechukwu

    I will be rich in the nearest future.

  • Hazem

    I will be rich.

  • good, thank you for sharing this useful information!