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This just in: People can hear with their skin


Yep, apprently, it’s true. According to a new study, listening is more than a matter of being “all ears.” The study’s findings suggest that people can also hear with their skin, showing the two organs can work together but also override one another.

Researchers found they could influence what people hear by delivering puffs of air to the back of a hand or their neck. The experiment raises the possibility that one sense could be used as a substitute for another, creating new ways for deaf people to hear. As a matter of fact, researchers at MIT are currently using this basic idea to develop technology that could one day assist people with hearing impairment.

Read on to learn more about this incredible (and surprising) study.

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  • Anonymous

    Great discovery. Intuitively i was sensing this in my way of interacting with people already. I start teaching about it, but people don’t get it! nice to hear about this scientific research.

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