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Three word wisdom

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You know how I feel about mantras, right? They’re indispensable and beat the heck out of mission statements. Along the same lines, Dharmesh Shah has compiled three-word snippets of advice for startups. Here are some of my favorites:

  • Watch your cash
  • Avoid business plans
  • Delay raising capital

Then people left comments with great ones too—for example, “Sell every day.” I’ll add my own:

  • Sales fixes everything
  • Craft a mantra
  • Skip mission statements
  • Don’t hire relatives
  • Always under promise
  • Use a Macintosh
  • Eat only noodles
  • Fly Southwest Airlines
  • Ship then test
  • Do not partner
  • Ten Twenty Thirty

But my best is “Read my book.”

More tips for startups—albeit longer.

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