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Tibetan sky burial photos. WARNING: Extremely graphic.

This is a series of pictures of the Tibetan practice of sky burials. It involves cutting a corpse and exposing it to birds of prey. Burial isn’t practical in Tibet because of the permafrost condition of the ground. Cremation isn’t practical because of the shortage of fuel to burn.

Another factor is the Buddhist belief in rebirth—so once a person dies, his or her body is an “empty vessel.” Providing the empty vessel as a food source is an act of generosity because it provides food to sustain other living organisms.

See the pictures at MBV Travel. WARNING: the pictures are extremely graphic. It involves a naked body being eaten by birds.

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  • saz

    In a weird way this fasinates me, but I don’t know why. I guess it’s just a huge different culture and life after death as a total different meaning. I never knew this happened til someone showed me this.