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Time for some Oktoberfest tunage! [videos]


During the month of March, everyone suddenly discovers a wee bit of Irish heritage waiting to break out and hit the bars, but the first hint of fall is reserved for the liederhosen and dirndl crowd as Munich kicks off Oktoberfest 2012.

If you weren’t able to make it to Germany this year and plan to hunker down at home with the barbeque, bratwurst and beer like the Bavarian transplant you may or may not be, you’re going to need the proper tunes to set a true Oktoberfest mood.

While Mark Zanzig at Oktoberfest Insider has a top ten list of songs complete with iTunes links and Stu at Oktoberfest Songs also has a great selection, we’ll just feature a few here to set the mood.


Ein Prosit


10 Meter geh’

Full story at Oktoberfest Insider and Oktoberfest Songs.

Time to party like a Bavarian!

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