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Time saving tips from successful bloggers


Fantastic post with blogging advice from 14 bloggers.

My fave advice:

Chris Brogan
“Most times, jugglers just haven’t learned their priorities, or haven’t chosen to cut out extraneous things.

I don’t watch TV. I don’t surf endlessly. I don’t spend hours at a time staying up on FB and Twitter and getting current with 400 blogs.

I work for my community and that gives me the time I need to create.”

{In other words, stop screwing around on the web, kids}

Trey Ratcliff

“What tips do I have to a “poor blogger who is juggling a busy life”? My response is that everybody is f****ing busy, but you make time for what you love.

If you don’t love what you are blogging about, then you obviously are considering it “work” and it’s a “task” on your to-do list. Maybe your blog is about the wrong thing! It’s okay to change, you know… you’re allowed to be many things in life, so pivot to a new subject that you love. And if you’re not sure you love it, then try it for a while, like a child with a piano one week, a skateboard the next, and a guitar the next.”

{I didn’t know that Trey was so BA, making a spot on my super awesome list for him}

Don’t miss all the great blogging advice.

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