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Time to sum up your life with the Facebook Year in Review


What used to be enjoyed by only those people you were willing to spend a stamp on in the annual holiday letter can be enjoyed by all your friends (acquaintances and those people who changed their name so you don’t know who they are) now that the Facebook Year in Review is up and running.

Considering the hundreds of millions of people on Facebook, it shouldn’t surprise you that they have an incredible perspective on the trends of 2012 as well, so be sure to click your Year-in-Review option on the right-hand side of your profile and look back on 2012 at the Facebook Newsroom link below.


– US Presidential Election

– Superbowl XLVI

– Death of Whitney Houston

– Superstorm Sandy

– London 2012 Olympics


– Times Square, New York

– Disneyland, California

– AT&T Park, California

– Yankee Stadium, New York

– Rangers Ballpark, Texas

Full story at Facebook Newsroom.

Facebook knows all.

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