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Tiny cameras capture the bird’s eye view like never before [video]


Soaring like an eagle may still be out of reach for most humans, but thanks to tiny HD camera technology, filmmaker John Downer is bringing us a real bird’s eye view to inspire the imagination.

As he explained to Popular Photography:

What we had to do was strip down the highest-quality, but smallest HD camera available. We had to engineer it so it was basically a circuit board, a chip, a lens, and batteries. We had to make sure it was as light as possible, but we also needed it to record slow-motion […] So, we had to make the cameras and the mounts so the bird could fly naturally and feel comfortable.

For more examples of his delightful work, be sure to check out the full article by Michael Zhang at PetaPixel.

Full story at PetaPixel.

Amazing photography.

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