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Tips for becoming an early riser


There comes a time in many a night owl’s life where the description becomes more of an inconvenience than a compliment, and if one of the things you’ve vowed to do this year is join the ranks of the early risers, Inc.’s Jessica Stillman has a few tough love tips for you.

To ease the transition, though, you might want to wait until Monday.

Kick Your Snooze Addiction

I know you love it. Everyone loves it—Snooze is probably the most beloved button in America—but according to blogger Meredith Jaeger, like most things that feel so good, it’s actually bad for you. And addictive. “Let’s face it, if you hit Snooze even once, you’re going to hit it again. The damn thing is addictive. It’s sort of like, ‘Oh, I’ll only have one beer.’ (We all know that never happens),” she writes…

A Teaspoon of Honey

The first tip is all about tough love, but give yourself some sweetness to help that bitter medicine go down. Don’t choose an alarm sound that enrages you. You have a choice as to what will be the first sensation you experience each day, after all. Is grating, repetitive beeping really what you want to choose?..

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For the love of sleep.

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