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Tips for being a better conversationalist

Someone once told me––in all seriousness––that he was “not very good at spontaneous conversation.” Now this begs the question, “isn’t all conversation spontaneous?” Of course it…for the most part. But not when you’re at a networking event. Then, everyone is operating off the same basic script. It’s boring, and it’s awkward. I used to be terrible at conversation at these events because I’m an introvert and terribly, terribly awkward. But, over the years, I’ve trained myself to be better at conversation. If you, like me, need some help with conversation skills, take a look at these four tips. They’re certainly help you be a more enjoyable conversation partner at networking events. For example, instead of asking someone what he or she “does,” try asking what he or she is excited about.

One of the reasons that so many people dread networking events is because of the “What do you do?” question. We generally hate to describe what we do and rarely have a way to share it that we’re happy with. Asking the alternative question about what someone is excited about now is rarely hard to talk about.

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