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Tips for better team email communication

Is the volume in your inbox getting out of control? Here are some best practices to help your team communicate more concisely.

1. Appropriate use — Is email the best way to communicate this message?
2. To vs. cc — Designate the To: field for who has the action (could be multiple people). Cc: is simply for their information–with no expectation that they will take action on the email, other than receive it.
3. Subject lines — Be clear and change it when necessary.
4. Beware of reply all!

I’m personally not a fan of email where the subject line is the whole email. What are your best email practices?

Read the full article at GTDtimes http://www.gtdtimes.com/2013/03/06/email-best-practices-for-teams/

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  • The best way to communicate with email is not to use email…Just move your communication stream to Google+

    • Harder than it sounds when you’re the only one that understands how Google services work in general. We moved to groupme and I have to put my phone on silent.

  • Sez

    Or ditch email altogether and use Yammer instead.