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Tips for boosting employee loyalty


Retaining great employees is far from a given in today’s job market, but a core of devoted workers who are willing to go above and beyond the call of duty is the key to a business’ success.

Nadia Goodman at Entrepreneur has four tips for employers to inspire loyalty in today’s work force so your business can focus on building rather than rebuilding.

1. Invest more time in the hiring process. Hiring takes a lot of time, but a rigorous process pays off when you find the right person. “Person/organization fit is huge,” Bergeron says. “If you’re selective on the front end, you lose fewer people later.” Well-matched employees are naturally more loyal, so retaining them takes less effort…

2. Make your employees marketable. A good working relationship must be beneficial for both of you, meaning that employees need regular opportunities to enhance their professional skills. Many companies worry about investing too much in employees in case they leave, but you want to do just the opposite. “The more [employees] feel they can leave, the more likely they are to stay,” Bergeron says…

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