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Tips for managing teenage employees


If you work in retail, teenage employees can be your best friend or worst enemy, depending upon the kid (or the day… or the hour). Open Forum offers a few pieces of advice for advising your young adult superstars. For example:

Explain Your Reasoning

In addition to setting expectations, it is important to explain your reasoning for decisions and expectations to your employees. Next time you explain a policy or procedure, tell your teens how you came to this decision and why you want the task done this way. This helps the teenagers learn decision-making and also gets their buy-in because they know that your respect them.

Kenny Moore, owner of North Carolina based Andy’s Burgers, Shakes & Fries, tries to treat his teenage employees like adults. “They have spent their entire lives being told what to do. At Andy’s, we tell them why we do what we do,” said Moore.

Full story at Open Forum.

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