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To succeed in life, you need just one thing

If that’s true, then the best diet is the simplest one. So I asked myself: what’s the one thing I can change that will make the biggest difference in my calorie consumption? Everyone has one thing.

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When Peter Bregman says “everyone,” he means everyone and everything. His suggestion is, well, quite singular: To be successful in life—whether you are dieting, starting a business, or even planning a sabbatical—the trick is to identify the one thing that carries the most influence and pour your existence into that one task. He writes:

Typically, people overwhelm themselves with tasks in their eagerness to make a change successfully. But that’s a mistake. Instead, they should take the time up front to figure out the one and only thing that will have the highest impact and then focus 100% of their effort on that one thing.

What would happen in your professional or personal life if you concentrated on one single, ragingly important aspect? What would that be? A thought-provoking and important question for anyone.

(On a completely stylistic note, this posts rocks. It is a masterfully guided, personally rich blog post with swagger. Enjoy!)

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  • ScottEdWalker

    As a corporate attorney specializing in the representation of entrepreneurs, I think it is a matter of making your goal (whatever it is) the number one priority in your life. I remember what my old tennis coach Harry Hopman used to preach: “it all comes down to one word – desire. How badly do you want it? How much are you willing to sacrifice?” Indeed, I love the quote from Ratan Tata (chairman of Tata Group, India’s largest conglomerate) in the Wall Street Journal a couple of weeks ago: “I really believe that there is a great strength in American capitalism that cannot be destroyed. It exists in the ability of anybody to be successful if they have the tenacity to do so.” Tenacity – that’s the word. Cheers, Scott