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Tools and apps to help you change your life


Want to build better habits or set goals for yourself? Check out these 17 tools and apps that will help you do just that. For example:

Habit Forge lets you go solo or join a group. It is a 21-day challenge and they send you an e-mail every day to keep you devoted to your task. You have to respond to the question: “Were you successful; yes or no.” Free version is ad-sponsored. $9.95/year to go without ads and unlimited new habits.

Commitie (pronounced committee) lets you set your new habits, commit, get e-mail reminders and earn points. It wasn’t quite clear what these points do, but who cares—you get points. Everyone loves points. Make sure you check the boxes to keep commitments private; default is public. I liked the dashboard, site setup and that it shows how many other people are working on that same or similar goal.

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