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Top 5 tanning myths


Do sunny days and warm weather lure you outside to sunbathe, hoping to add a little color to your skin? Every year, the “California girl” standard of beauty sends millions of sun-worshippers to the pool, the beach or the tanning bed in search of the perfect tan.

Do you know the difference between tanning myths and facts about tanning? Before you risk your hide for a bronze glow, demystify what you know about tanning.

  • Sunscreen Provides Complete Protection from the Sun: The effectiveness of sunscreen depends on several factors, including how likely your skin is to burn, how intense the UV rays are, and the amount of sunscreen you apply and how often you apply it.
  • People with Darker-toned Skin Don’t Have to Worry About Sun Damage: Although melanin provides some sun protection, even olive or darker toned skins can burn after a long day in the sun or show signs of skin damage over time (wrinkles, sunspots and blotchiness).

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