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Top ten best-read US cities

Amazon ranks cities with more than 100,000 people in terms of the consumption of books and magazines:

1. Alexandria, Va.
2. Cambridge, Mass.
3. Berkeley, Calif.
4. Ann Arbor, Mich.
5. Boulder, Colo.
6. Miami
7. Arlington, Va.
8. Gainesville, Fla.
9. Washington, D.C.
10. Salt Lake City

See the rest of the ranking:

Photo source: Library of Congress

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  • Interesting!

  • Interesting!!!

  • Go Cambridge! Lol living in GA

  • +Guy Kawasaki that isn't including all of us epub readers.

  • I found it amusing that Alexandria is number one.

  • A little deceiving…just b/c they order books, doesn't mean they read them…

    (raising hand as guilty)

  • I'm so surprised Seattle, Wash. didn't make the cut–?! What?!

    • Ashley – Seattle is 13 and its “suburb” Bellevue is 16. I bet if they were combined it would be in the top 10.

  • O MY GOD what a amazing picture

  • I guess I got to start reading a bit more in NYC.

  • Real readers hit up used book stores and trade books amongst their reading friends. Amazon is a joke to them…

  • Wonder if reading all the lit on the pc counts?

  • See… quantity does not beget quality. If 100,000 people in ALexandria VA are all reading Twilight and about Kim Kardashians wedding, I'd still say the 50 people in SLC who read Tolstoy's War and Peace should count for extra points.

  • Not believing those results. None of those cities have Google Fiber.

  • Why am i not surprised that philly didn't make the top ten?

  • Seattle is not top 3 on this list? That's odd.

  • Not the least bit surprised to see Boulder, CO on there! Wondering about the pot consumption though…

  • Beautifull antique photo, not mine. Good photography, keep up the good photoing.

  • Should be most-downloads instead of best-read – I for one download books but getting the time to read them is a whole different thing…

  • I saw a book reader in Waffle House once . He thought he was all fancy like .

  • Portland, OR would be on here if it weren't for Powell's City of Books stealing all Amazons sales. 🙂

  • I stopped purchasing books and magazines in print long ago. I've read far more since I stopped relying on print copies.

  • Seriously though . This is more a list about availability of book stores more than it is about literacy .

  • Fornicate Amazon, they are the evil empire. Worse than Walmart and Microsoft, combined. Portland and Seattle are the best read cities. The Pacific Northwest still appreciates brick and mortar booksellers.

  • Those statistics probably have a lot of (shades of) grey areas.