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Toyota wins the Super-Bowl advertising competition. See the top 10 ads here

According to Visible Measures, Toyota’s “Wish Granted” ad was the most watched with 16.2 million views. Click to see the complete list and watch them too.


Disclosure: I advise Visible Measures.

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  • YouTube views in order of popularity here:

  • wow that to me is sad on so many levels and I will learn from what it tells me about people.

  • I'm surprised Dodge's God made a farmer one wasn't at the top of the list.

  • YouTube views are probably a better measure of this. It's hard to "tune in" to a commercial during the super bowl. There's no way of knowing when they would air, much less how much you'd like it before hand… Most likely the top "viewed" commercials happened after a critical point in the game.

    Thanks for posting the top YouTube vids +David Clinch. That's a much better measure of success. People seek out or share YouTube.

  • Does this factor in how many times they aired it? Wish Granted seemed to air the most compared to the others…

  • Dodge's God made a farmer was mine.

  • +Michele Price Why is this sad?

  • It sad. When ads run superbowl. The whole event is a cash grab. From the tickets to the ads.

  • I liked the way Oreo did real-time marketing with the blackout.
    Quick and clever marketing. I think using Social Media real-time will be more common in the future.

  • Agreed +Christina Wagner this doesn't pass the "sniff" test.  I find Ad Age's rankings more inline with reality… http://adage.com/article/special-report-super-bowl/ad-age-s-dashboard-super-bowl-ad-results/239585/

  • +Nico Koch The huge salaries of the players didn't tell you that already?

  • +Rob Blaich never really cared to much for the sport specialy pro football. I can find better ways to waste my cash.

  • I like Oreo's ad in response to the Superbowl black-out. Very dynamic, with a touch of snark. I liked it a lot.

  • 1 Mercedes Benz 2 Volkswagen 3 Toyota

  • Proud of Toyota. Number 1

  • I LOVE Toyota!!!

  • I love seeing the rankings and consensus on the best and worst ads the day after the super bowl. But, I really enjoyed the individual reactions from folks via Twitter last night–many varied thoughts on likes and dislike and no clear consensus. Perhaps +Seth Godin is right and these top 10 lists are really comprised of many individual lists of unique reactions. There is no mass market.

  • #DodgeRam did an awesome commercial! Did that even make the list?

  • Most of the commercials were a major disappointment

  • :p I thought the Clydesdale one was better.

  • I was rather underwhelmed by the Samsung add, a PETA member co worker was mortified at the Doritos add where the dog went out the window of the SUV.   I still love "Return of the Jetta" add from last year.

  • Budweiser Clydesdale Ad was my favorite they get the point across by touching the heart. I really disliked Dodge involving God in the selling of trucks especially since that America has not been around in a long time the farmers are all migrant workers(children) and could work for 1,000 years and would not be able to afford a Ram 3500 very distasteful.

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