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Travel tips from Richard Branson


When it comes to travel, Richard Branson of The Virgin Group is the man with the plan we’d all be wise to consult to make the process that much easier, and lucky for us, he’s outlined eight tips in Entrepreneur to make 2013 a year of smooth sailing, or, er, flying.

1. Make a plan.

As soon as you board the plane, train or automobile, decide whether or not you’re going to get some work done while in transit. If so, set out a clear plan for what you intend to achieve. Make a list of small goals that can be accomplished before you reach your destination, or polish your rough notes into clearer, more refined ideas. But if you’d rather switch off completely, that’s fine, too. On many occasions I just sit back, relax and watch a good documentary while traveling.

2. Get some sleep.

 Some people struggle to sleep on planes; thankfully, I am not one of them (I find it easy to nap on our Virgin flights). Falling asleep on a plane is easier when you have cleared your mind of any pressing concerns. Remember that the plane should be going hundreds of miles an hour, but your mind should not. If you decide you’re going to sleep on a flight, empty your inbox before boarding, then switch off the laptop and use the time to unwind.

Full story at Entrepreneur.

Travel right.

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