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Trevor Noah blasts Ben Carson for his description of the “black experience” [video]

No one is really talking about the Daily Show since Stewart left. That’s about to change, though, because of this Trevor Noah piece in which he takes Ben Carson to task about some ridiculous statements.

Full story at Comedy Central.

More great comedy.

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  • Trevor Noah sucks

    Why is Trevor still on the Daily Show. He isn’t even funny

  • jojo

    “No one is really talking about the Daily Show since Stewart left”
    Oh? the internets told me TN was doing “great!”
    I suppose a black dude bitching about race will change all that now

  • Destroy These Narc Douches

    You can not fake being a brain surgeon but you can fake being funny(others writing your material).

  • What does a South African, Noah, know about American Black Experience? Saw it on TV, read books?

  • thomas johnson

    this is probably the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. this guy acts like a grade school kid. what’s sad is the audience thinks he’s funny.

  • How would he know what the American black experience is. I’m not 100 % sure because I am not a fan of this Trevor guy but I don’t think he was raised in the USA. I truly tried to watch the the show but it’s just not funny anymore, I can’t relate to this guy. It feels like foreigner giving me advice about a country he did not grow up in. The daily show needs a reboot they should have given the job to Samantha at least she attacks politicians on both sides even though it’s obvious she is a liberal. However, she is funny. I think Jon Stewart and the producers or so desperate to prove that they weren’t racist they just went in hired the first black guy they could find. This is what happens when you hire somebody to pander to a certain demographic instead of just hiring the best person for the job. It’s like they thought if they hired a black guy with an British accent (South African. …… whatever) that he would go over well with everybody but let’s face it the guy really sucks and the show is now a dumpster fire aka hot garbage.
    PS I am a Black American

  • Truthhurts

    Nailed it. He didn’t need a hammer either. Good job, Trevor.

  • Please give Jon Stewart a blank check to come back !

  • That’s hilarious, Carson might be a great surgeon but he is a stone cold phony pretending he had a tough childhood. Just so he can increase his speaking fees and sell books to suckers ignorant enough to give him money.

  • Trevor Noah you are not an American Citizen so you need to keep your South African Uneducated Mouth Shut. Remember you are in American on a Visa which can be if proven your a threat to the United Stats be removed. So keep your black mouth shut. Oh and by the way do people know of of your criminal background. If not then it will be exposed

  • Tom

    Trevor Noah was hilarious. Ben Carson is a joke. The Republican party is a joke.

  • dieharddemocrat

    hey Price Jon, Trevor is funny and very bright… just because you are a racist pig and see the world through your jaundiced eyes does not mean the rest of the world can not recognize talent.. you and your ilk make me sick

  • lol. funny guy

  • Bill

    Ben Carson is as black as Donald Trump LOL

  • what is hurting the so called black experience is that those concerned about black people are focused on award nominations meanwhile a record number of black people are being killed in Chicago by black people

  • George

    Noah trying to out-liberal the next guy to get attention. Carson has done more in one day of his life than Noah will in his narcissistic lifetime.

  • Trevor Noah is an awesome comedian!!

  • carson is 100% black, raised black, and exp. more prejudice than obama. anyone that watches this one sided pony show needs brain surgery by carson!!!!

  • I believe that Ben Carson is not Black. He is in blackface . If you would peel the skin back, you would find a White man inside.

  • Walter White

    Trevor Noah is spot on, and I love how all the wingnut morons that have posted here can’t touch him. All they’ve done is prove again how dumb and lame Carson defenders are.

  • I believe that Ben Carson is not a Black man. He is in blackface. If you would peel the skin back, you would find a White man inside.

  • Fook

    I love this guy…nailed it!!

  • TooTall

    Black experience is simply being Black and what you experience because of it! Carson thinks he’s special but he’s not!

  • lol… that was great.

  • TheTruth

    Good job Trevor! I stay up to watch your show every weekday night. You are a funny guy, regardless if some uneducated republicans that Donald Trump love don’t agrees with you. Keep it up.

  • Bobby

    Isn’t this guy’s 15 minutes up? Never was and never will be funny that’s why his rating’s totally suck. Sink into oblivion Trevor

  • Blake

    You have to admit, had Obama run as a Republican the fact that he was raised by affluent whites would have trumped the fact that he was half black. I would think, though, that you could make the argument that you would experience more racism attending an expensive private school than an inner city public one.

  • Jason

    Too funny, I loved his sit down with Rand Paul too. He liked Paul, just doesnt like fake politicians I guess.


    Wonderful work Trevor. This was the best!

  • Montana Cowgirl

    When will Comedy Central admit that hiring Mr. Zero Charisma was a big mistake? He seems like a nice guy- like Craig Kilborn- but that doesn’t make him funny. They replaced Kilborn with Stewart; why not replace Noah? Like with somebody from North America. That’s a big place. Maybe they can find 1 funny person in all that acreage. Maybe, dare I say it, a woman? Now THAT would be a refreshing change.

  • sharky

    The Daily Show has really gone south…This clown, Trevor, is clueless and what is that issue about the word “Ghetto”? I guess he doesn’t believe ghettos exist in America?

  • Jay Parker

    I had to take it off my DVR I have watched every Jon Stewart but I don’t like some african making fun of our polatics.

  • Sam

    Ben Carson is one of the sorriest black men I have ever seen. We have a Black president, so why do I need a black man to smear him. He should be backing him. I even wonder if he is being paid to make these comments because it cuts so deep. Even if Carson disagrees with the president, he should not be heard publicly. I don’t like the smears, but I can take it from Cruz, Rubio, and Trump, but not from another black man. Ben Carson’s days are numbered and he will never be the President of the USA. Trevor, You Did A Great Job. Keep up the Good Work.

  • Craig

    Saw Carson on FOX with Kelly last night. His explanation of why Obama was not raised black made perfect sense to me. I’ll bet millions of others watching saw a whole new insight to Carson and God said, “It was good!”

  • Lincoln and the republicans freed the slaves, now liberalism seeks to enslave through big government

  • Trevor Noah, with his English accent and South African upbringing .. is lecturing BEN CARSON about growing up black in the USA?

    LOL what a prick

  • Rob

    So, now “Blackness” is a qualification?

  • gimrite

    Right on Trevor. Ben Carson may be a brilliant surgeon but he’s also a social idiot.