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Trump time in the Back to the Future card game


Always looking for a new game and can’t get enough of the adventures of Marty McFly? Then the Back to the Future card game is the perfect way to wile away those cold winter nights with friends.

Using a unique, patented game mechanic for simulating time travel, Andrew Looney now puts you in the driver’s seat of the famous DeLorean. In this game you are a time traveler, a descendant of one of the characters in the Back to the Future movies. Unfortunately, other time travelers have been tampering with events in your past, endangering your very existence. You must put things back in the ways that seem right to you, then stop Doc Brown from ever inventing time travel, which will freeze reality the way you need it to be, once and for all. The game is played entirely with cards, but has the feel of a board game since important events are represented by a special grid of 24 cards called the TimeLine.

DeLorean and Chuck Taylors not included.

Full story at Funagain Games via Board Games Central.

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