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Try this 300-year-old sausage recipe [video]

If you’re not excited by the notion of 300-year-old sausage recipes, then maybe this little factoid would help: the recipe comes from Martha Washington’s cookbook.

Full story at Jas. Townsend and Sons.

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  • Steven Lopata

    No recipe. I will not be back.

  • Sue mackey

    Where is the recipe?

  • Renaldo

    uh,…its on the video

  • Tim geas

    Sure would be nice to have the recipe.

  • Jim

    The video doesn’t give measurements for the spices.

  • fran

    looks like dog doo on a plate

  • Jenn

    These little beauties come from an antique recipe, if you’ve ever read any very old cook books you would know they almost never give amounts for spices or ingredients and you are very lucky to get even the sketchiest of instructions on how to cook a dish. The recipe was given in the video and probably was pretty close to how it was written in the centuries old cook book. Time to take off the training wheels kids and cook free style for once, you don’t always need a detailed list of ingredients or instructions, just a little time and knowledge about how things work in the kitchen.