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Tweets from Antarctica: team to send balloon into polar vortex



Scientists are poised to send a two-ton balloon-borne cosmic-ray experiment called Super-TIGER into the high-altitude polar vortex over Antarctica.

Once the balloon is up, the project’s website will go live, and the balloon will begin to trace a path in red on a blue and white satellite image of the frozen continent.

On average the vortex strengthens around December 10, says W. Robert Binns, the principal investigator on the experiment and a research professor at Washington University in St. Louis.

Once a launch starts, webcams at the tracking site will allow spectators to see what is happening, and physics graduate student Ryan Murphy will be providing play-by-play commentary from Antarctica via his blog and twitter account @ryangoesboom.

You can also follow the action on the expedition’s Facebook page or on Twitter @SuperTigerLDB.

Full story at Futurity.

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Photo credit: WUSTL, John Epstein

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