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Twitter “cabals” develop own lingo

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Some mathematical biologists at Royal Holloway, University of London, examined 250,000 Twitter users’ 75 million tweets to see if within groups, language patterns develop.

This is what their analysis showed:

[In] communities in which members shared a common, special lingo, they reported online last month in EPJ Data Science. One group focused on animal welfare was awash with puns, such as “anipals” or “pawsome.” Technology-minded teachers employed terms like “edublogs.” By using each tweeter’s unique code words, the researchers were able to correctly predict their chosen communities—whether they be conservative Americans or college students fond of the Milwaukee coffee shop Alterra—close to 80% of the time, suggesting the words help tweeters identify themselves as community members.

More and more I believe the adage, it’s all about the marketing.

Read more here: Science Mag.

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Photo credit: John Bryden et al. / EPJ Data Science

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