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Twueless: How Fortune 100 companies suck at Twitter


For the majority of Fortune 100 companies, Twitter remains a missed opportunity. Many of their Twitter accounts, examined by Weber shandwick, did not appear to listen to or engage with their readers, instead offering a one-way broadcast of press releases, company blog posts, and event information.

Weber Shandwick released a study about how Fortune 100 companies are using Twitter. Cutting to the chase, they pretty much suck at it. Some stats: the 100 companies have 540 Twitter accounts, but 76% of these companies seldom tweet. 52% are not actively engaged at all. 50& had fewer than 500 followers.

Weber Shandwick recommends that these firms do five things: listen to conversations, participate in conversations, update frequently, reply to people, and retweet relevant tweets. Not exactly rocket science, is it? There are many ways to look at this: 1) It’s still early in Twitter’s lifecycle. 2) This is a wonderful opportunity for agencies like Weber Shandwick and anyone who thinks he or she is a social-marketing expert. 3) There’s no hope for big companies. I would focus on #2.

But more importantly, is your company effectively using Twitter?

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