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Twupidity: “We regret the error.”

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BusinessWeek published a story called “How Much Are Twitter’s Tweets Really Worth?” Click on the link to see where it now goes. Of course, you can also see the original story’s archive.

What happened to the story is more interesting than the story at this point. Did Kim Kardashian’s lawyers make a stink? Did the fact checkers work through a backlog? This is the story that said that Kim gets $10,000/tweet and that I get $900/tweet.

I don’t know about Kim, but I’ve never gotten paid by this company. The $900 number arose because I went to the site to see what celebs are getting per tweet, and you have to register to access this information, so I registered. The next thing I know, people are reporting that I’m getting paid $900/tweet. This is different from the company calculating how much it might pay me based on the number of followers.

This sort of thing can happen in a world of user-generated content without the resources of a large organization to do fact-checking and verification. Oh, wait, BusinessWeek is a large organization with the resources to do fact-checking and verification. I thought the way journalism works is write, fact-check, publish. Now it’s: write, publish, pull, regret?

FYI, I disclose my conflicts. If you see no disclosure, it means I’m not conflicted or paid. Feel free to make an offer, though. 🙂

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