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Unveil your feline’s inner unicorn


Is there something special about Fluffy the rest of the world fails to see? Is Fluffy’s litter box full of sparkly delights that magically find their way onto your shoes, bed and favorite chair when Fluffy is angry? Then, chances are, Fluffy is a unicorn.

Your cat makes a show of being regal and in control, but you could turn all that around with this Inflatable Unicorn Horn for Cats. It’s a vinyl, 5-1/2″ long unicorn horn with a four-point elastic strap system that holds it comfortably on a kitty’s noggin. Why have just a regular cat, when you could have a uni-cat?

Trust us, Fluffy will thank you by making your house a magical wonderland of golden delight.

Full story at Archie McPhee via Laughing Squid.

Never enough cat accessories.

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