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Urban bus stop art makes time fly


Waiting for the bus at this stop in Milan got a whole lot more fun once clever conceptual artist Fra. Biancoshock provided them with the ultimate form of entertainment, which popped their stress away like the wrapping they used to pass the time.

The principle here is sort of like “time flies when you’re having fun,” but simpler. The basic notion, says MIT researcher Richard Larson, is that time goes by if you are doing something — anything — that occupies you; even if that something is stabbing your finger onto plastic bubbles. “Occupied time” just feels shorter than “unoccupied time.” People doing nothing in a line typically overestimate their wait by about 36 percent. Presumably, these Milanese bus passengers will now wait much more happily.

We know we would.

Full story at NPR.

Wile away the hours with NPR.

Photo credit: Fra.Biancoshock

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