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Using social media as a crisis management tool [infographic]


Social media engagement has become a big deal for businesses and, on a personal level, plenty of us are a little more “engaged” than we should be when business is waiting, but when disaster strikes, government organizations and non-profits are turning more and more to this platform to get the job done.

H/T to Ritu Pant.

Via EmergencyManagementDegree.org.

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  • Very interesting infographic. Thanks for the share Kate. Social Media is a perfect medium for crisis management as it’s real time and worldwide. I think we’re only seeing the start of the potential of it.

  • When Superstorm Sandy struck the east coast, a little farther inland here in southeastern Pennsylvania, we got hit, too. High winds brought down thousands of trees, knocking out power for a week. Many phone lines also went out. Our emergency management agency operated for 5 days by getting calls out via cell phones, charging them in their cars and at the emergency shelter, which had a generator, and getting up to the Internet through one volunteer’s cell phone personal hotspot. We disseminated ALL our emergency updates through our website, which we drove people to through our Facebook page and Twitter feed. We also sent updates through those two social streams. The Red Cross and PEMA later told us we had run so efficiently and effectively, we were now the model for all rural municipalities in the state. WIN!