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Valuable tips to avoid over-sharing on Facebook

Internet Security

We’ve been warned about oversharing on social media until the angels of the Internet are blue in the face, yet when a site like Facebook is vital to keeping in touch with family and friends far away, there are things you’d rather keep in your circle if possible.

Wired’s Christina Bonnington has written two handy articles on how to keep your information just between friends, but she strongly suggests you still watch what you post:

The Internet is forever. Once you have posted something online, it does not belong to you anymore. If you’ve shared a photo or status update with anyone, it’s possible that they could screenshot it and share it with the world. So when in doubt, don’t post it.

Food for thought.

Here are a few of her suggestions for altering your settings:

One of the most useful ways you can optimize your Facebook sharing is to share updates with a select group of people (close friends, family, coworkers) through the creation of lists. Even more than privacy, lists are useful for only sharing information with those who are likely to be most interested.

To create a list or manage ones you’ve already got, go to the Friends section in the left-hand navigation panel, then click “More,” which is to the right of the Friends header. There, you can see all of the lists you’ve created and edit their members. You can also create a list by clicking “+ Create List,” naming it, and adding the friends you’d like include.

Timeline and Tagging
Keeping control of who can view what on your Timeline, as well as your tagging settings, comes down to personal preference. But if you want to veer towards the secure side of things, the screenshot below shows the settings you should switch to.

If you use apps that you don’t want Mom or the boss knowing about, be sure to check out her other article as well.

Full story at Wired.

Privacy and Facebook.

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