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Virtual reality opens the door to Dalí’s mind [video]

Do the paintings of Salvador Dalí make you long to step in and get lost in his strange and wonderful imagination?

Now you can, thanks to an exhibit at the The Dalí Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida that’s also available online.

As museum director Hank Hine explained to PSFK:

“Dreams of Dalí honors the artist and gives us access to his remarkable imagination in an ecstatic way.” Through this window, you can look beyond the areas depicted on the canvas, explore the elements of the painting and other works. For example, you can get to know other famous elements of Dalí’s work—such as his often-recurring elephants, birds and ants. Further, you can listen to what could have been the artist’s thoughts in his own voice.

Are you ready to explore the mind of Dalí?

Dive in with this 360 degree video:

Full story at The Dali Museum via PSFK.

Taking art outside the museum.

Graphics credit: Canva

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