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Want to be taken seriously? Become a better writer. 

“Your writing is a reflection of your thinking. Clear, succinct, convincing writing will differentiate you as a great thinker and a valuable asset to your team.

If you want to be thought of as a smart thinker, you must become a better writer. If you want to be taken seriously by your manager, colleagues, potential employers, clients and prospects, you must become a better writer.” by Dave Kerpen

Here are a few ways to improve your writing:

1. Practice, practice, practice
2. Make it more concise

Read the full article here: http://linkd.in/WtWIAY

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  • ok Improvements never hurt

  • Yes.. making it concise and to the point is the best way to make someone take you seriously. Other is constantly reading and updating yourself and writing it down in your own idea. Thats what will make you look as a serious person