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Wanted: Neanderthal surrogate mothers


Many a mother dreams of giving birth to the baby that stands out from the crowd, but most hope they will stand head and shoulders above the rest rather than stoop to their evolutionary superiors.

With that in mind, it might be an uphill to climb for Harvard geneticist George Church to find that special surrogate to carry a Neanderthal clone to term, then shield the poor creature from playground bullies for life. (And you thought gingers had it bad.)

GenomeWeb wrote:

According to [Der Spiegel,] Church is currently developing technology in his lab that can be used to make human cells similar to those of Neandertals. Eventually, an “adventurous female human” needs to be found as a surrogate mother for the first Neandertal baby, Church is cited as saying, and, from many individuals, “a kind of Neandertal culture” could arise that could gain “political significance.”

Well, it might be an interesting pregnancy and a challenging childhood, but just think, future Neanderthal mothers of the world, that little boy or girl could grow up to be President one day.

Full story at Gawker via The Mary Sue.

Questionable experiments in genetics.

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