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Watch as 2012 DA14 buzzes by planet Earth [video]


It might not be the end of the world as we know it, but, hey, we’re still feeling fine and even more so because we can watch the passing of the asteroid 2012 DA14 from the comfort of home or office thanks to NASA’s eyes on the sky.

The event will be livestreamed here starting at 2:00 PM Eastern time with views from Europe, Australia and California’s Goldstone Observatory, with the asteroid’s peak brightness expected at 2:24 PM ET, but coverage of the event will continue throughout the evening from observatories around the world as well, including the Bareket Observatory in Israel and the Virtual Telescope Project in Italy.

So grab that popcorn and get ready for some up-close-and-personal asteroid action, but while you wait, feel free to watch this video for an explanation of what NASA will be focusing on during the flyby.

Full story at The Verge.

Visitors from space.

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