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Watch my webinar that explains how to get more followers on social media

I use PowerPoint and then do a live demo of the techniques that I use. At the end, I take questions from the audience.

Watch the webinar.

More Social Media.

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  • Well done guy.

  • Is posting about cats one of them?? =P

  • I can't playback on my iPhone??

  • +Ted Dumbauld Go to a computer. It's worth it. 🙂

  • +Guy Kawasaki ok I will. Thanks!

  • Hi

  • +Guy Kawasaki Having more followers on Social media does not make a difference.  It is the conversion ratio that must increase.

  • I would watch it but to stream you need to install an addon and to download and watch you need a webex player. I am sure its very educational but I expect more from a Social Media giant as yourself.


  • Thank you for the information!
    Great video.

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  • Why use a JAVA plugin?

  • Good enough ; as long as u know this human weakness !

  • +Guy Kawasaki My Social media Strategy thus far: Be more intelligent, honest, and less scathing than most other people on the web. I save my swear words for when I'm REALLY MAD. And I give intelligent answers that show I really know something, unless it's something that just makes me laugh.

  • I just finished reading the book and found I highlighted so much of it for reference that I'm going to read the book again.  It's a vast fount of tremendously helpful information and insights. And most easy to read.

  • If amigavision comes back , I wont be suprised! 7megaHz is way more than normal noise.

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  • Great Seminar on SMO

  • I got it
    many thanks wizard +Guy Kawasaki

  • Watching the replay now

  • Watching the replay now

  • I am re-reading how to drive your competition crazy, by the way.

  • Excellent seminar

  • +Fran Aslam You can believe that, and I'll believe that you can never have too many followers. The first act of believing, by the way, is following. 🙂

  • Cant get it on Chromebook…how about a more web friendly format. Have to get up and go to my Mac 🙂

  • +Guy Kawasaki I agree with your reply, once you pointed out, it jogged my memory, that relationship is the key.  this is the difference between a pro and a newbie.  Thank you.

  • +Guy Kawasaki    I am going to watch the webinar replay tonight.

  • +Fran Aslam you also have to count that the number of people following you is arbitrary. What your aiming for is social share or network penetration. You want them to trust you enough, that when you do sell something they share it because its worth sharing and not because their seen as a number in a marketing funnel.

  • This was a very informative and entertaining webinar!  I did not expect to learn about fighter trained porpoises (porpoisi?)  Loved the giggling and banter towards the end, it's so great to hear people being real and human and fun!

    Learning about the Jumpcut app was the icing on the cake. 

    Thank you!

  • Great Webinar, +Guy Kawasaki! On the webinar the hostess mentioned that the original participants could access the powerpoint and notes. Are those still available?

  • I have new book are you will design it ? you are the artist of design!