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Water-shooting star


The discovery of water elsewhere in the universe is always thrilling in the promise it holds for the possibility of life as we know it existing elsewhere. Although the discovery of water made by the European Space Agency’s Herschel Space Observatory wasn’t on a planet, their discovery is even more fascinating.

750 light-years away in the constellation Perseus, a young star is shooting water from both its poles, suggesting to scientists that this could be a normal stage through which stars proceed and that there is water all over the universe if this is the case. Once the water shoots far enough away to become liquid, the droplets are moving at a pace equal to eighty times the speed of a rifle round. While not exactly a healthy speed for giving one’s plants a refreshing drink, these star sprinklers may provide important materials for the birth of other stars.

Full story at National Geographic via Huffington Post.

Wonders of space.

Photo credit: NASA/CalTech

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