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Wearing the family tree


Not every family picture is fit to be seen by outsiders, but there’s a certain charm to old black-and-white photos that begs to be taken off the shelf and with you wherever you go.

This incredible creation is the work of Ashley Gilreath, who explained that:

This necklace was made to represent the memory of my grandparent’s long staircase in their house. I want the viewer to see my history as the necklace wraps around, and to feel the sensation of climbing up and down the stairs as the images of my family line the walls. More importantly, I wanted my skin to show through as my family’s skin, so that my stories, my life and who I am as an individual is shown as the sum of all of the people that came before me.

In this case, the family is the heirloom, and one that all members can share.

Full story at Ashley Gilreath via Neatorama.

Ancestral jewelry.

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