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Weepy woman kicked off airplane


We’ve come a long way from flying the friendly skies or even the mildly empathetic ones it appears.

A woman traveling from Oakland to Texas with her sister broke down on a Southwest flight, in part over the heart attack recently suffered by the father they were flying to see and because she has a fear of flying. When she requested a glass of wine from the flight attendant when drink service began, she was told she’d had enough already, then removed from the flight even though she had had nothing to drink and had made that clear to the crew.

Southwest has yet to comment on the situation but did provide a free hotel room until she could pull herself together.

Full story at AOL Travel.

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  • Anonymous

    (http://tinyurl.com/49fjtqm) Just don’t understand what is the basis of the airline’s action, some babies and kids do cry a lot and throw tantrums on flight, does this mean these kids will also be kicked off together with their accompanying adults?