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What does the color of your car say about you? [infographic]

Though car color seems like a random flight of fancy, there is research to show that one’s preference for certain shades can predict aspects of one’s personality.

See what your car is saying about you (leaving out, of course, the gestures you are or are not doing out the window to the jerk who just cut you off in the snow).

Via Motorclick.

Like infographics? So do we.

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  • What about people who uh used cars based on what they can afford only?

  • DreamChaser

    How about Orange?

  • My favourite colours are red and white, I think that the colours can influence not only in the driver also in other drivers. When I see a red car, I always think that the driver will be more unpredictable.

  • To DreamChaser: about Orange car lovers you can read here: http://car-auction-california.com/blog/id/38 – there’s more info and it’s more thorough 🙂