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What subliminal signals are your gadget selections sending?

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Do your gadgets fit the persona you’ve been striving to portray or is that Windows Phone simply screaming “Soccer Mom” to the young, hip crowd at the office?

There’s nothing quite as entertaining as pigeonholing people according to the buying choices, yet studies have shown certain types do tend to gravitate toward one tech device or another.

LiveScience’s Barbara E. Hernandez has a whole bunch of fun facts about who tends to use what garnered from surveys by Verdic, comScore, and Hunch among others, which may or may not surprise you.

– Those with Apple products made up 32 percent of 15,818 users surveyed in 2011; they seemed to skew older than 35, and were more likely to be female and have a graduate degree than people using other products. Did we mention these users are also more likely to be liberal and make more than $200,000 a year? They’re extroverted, enjoy spending money and define themselves as “high-maintenance.”

– …BlackBerry users [are] labeled as introverted city folk (equally likely to be male or female) who like to travel; it summed up Windows Phone users as politically moderate, suburban soccer moms.

– …[T]ablet users are more likely to be college educated, employed and have a six-figure income.

Full story at LiveScience.

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