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What to do while waiting to get your farm off the ground


There are plenty of people out there longing to jump out of the urban or suburban rut and get back to nature, whether it be going all out and buying the farm (not in the more morbid sense of the phrase) or becoming the delight of the neighborhood by starting an alpaca farm in the backyard, but even if you’ve taken the first step and are rarin’ to go, there’s plenty of waiting to be done, be it for seasons, financing or simply courage.

Just as the ground needs to be prepared for crops to thrive, plenty of planning and maintenance is necessary for a farm to grow, so Mary at Rural Living Today has the inside scoop about what can be done in the down time to best prepare for your new and hopefully more sustainable lifestyle.

1. Test the soil across your property. We discovered that certain areas of the property were better suited for different purposes.

2. Secure fences…perimeter and cross fencing.

3. Collect recyclable products. (We made fences, pens, stalls, forts, storage sheds, and swings out of pallets; stilts out of vegetable cans. We filled hugelkeets with old carpet, tree stumps, branches, etc. We fed tree branches to our goats, then cut the limbs for future firewood. Wood that wasn’t very usable, we put in the hugelkeets.)

4. Barter or borrow equipment to help you get started. We were blessed to have a friend who loaned us a tractor to take care of some basic farm chores until we could get ours up and running.

Full story at Rural Living Today.

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