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What would happen if all cats kicked the bucket?


All right, cat lovers, take a deep breath and continue reading; there is no awful cat virus afoot, there is nothing to indicate a mass cat extinction in the works, and if there was, we humans – yes, even the dog lovers – would be in serious trouble.

Though cats might appear to be lazy creatures milking the kindness of their people pets for all they’re worth, most are quite busy behind the scenes cleaning up what most people would rather not touch: rodents.

One major effect of such a feline fiasco would be an explosion in the rodent population. A study in Great Britain found that each cat kills an average of eleven rodents in a six-month period, and when multiplied by the nine million cats on the island in 1997, when the study was conducted, that equals some serious population control of little furry things that go scurry in the night.

That’s only the beginning, though, so check out the full article to see just how valuable that cat is. Who would have thought the cat lady was doing us all a world of good?

Full story at LiveScience.

Cats: Not as worthless as they seem.

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    Cats are the best!