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What’s next? iTampon?

Apple took us all on a stroll down the feminine hygiene aisle today with the introduction of the iPad. With “iTampon” quickly emerging as a trending Twitter topic, it’s probably safe to say that many women found themselves cringing as they asked, “Do any women work at Apple?”

CNBC’s Jane Wells couldn’t help but wonder if Apple will develop different versions of the new gadget with names like Maxi and Light Days. Or, when women want more discreet protection, the iPon.

Apparently, the idea of an “iPad” came up long before talk of a tablet with MadTV suggesting what an iPad might look like three years ago (NSFW-ish):

(Via CNBC)

All the top iPad news in one spot (no pun intended).

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  • Anonymous

    Is this REALLY the first thing women think about when they hear the word "pad?" Are we at the point where we’ve lost yet another perfectly good English word to adolescent snickering? "Heh heh… heh heh… Beavis, you said ‘Pad.’"