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When a 900-pound croc takes on a 58-foot snake

A new crocodilian species lived in freshwater rivers 60 million years ago, in close proximity to Titanoboa, a monster snake that would have been a formidable threat.

Researchers were stunned when they first saw the new species.

“We couldn’t believe it had such a boxy, short skull and that it was still a dyrosaur,” he says. “It really busts the mold for these animals. It is such a completely different looking beast than we’ve seen for these crocodile-like animals.”

“Every once in a while, there was likely an encounter between Anthracosuchus and Titanoboa. Titanoboa was the largest predator around and would have tried to eat anything it could get its mouth on,” says Jonathan Bloch, an associate curator of vertebrate paleonotolgy at the Florida Museum.

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Photo credit:University of Florida

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