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Which countries are most generous with foreign aid? [infographic]

Bigger doesn’t always mean better when it comes to foreign aid. Small countries can have deep pockets too — and some are much deeper than their larger neighbors. Take Norway, for example. The $4.58 billion it gives away is almost double what Switzerland donates – impressive already, but when you consider the Scandinavian kingdom’s scant population of 4.8 million, that works out to a whopping $936 per capita donation (versus Switzerland’s $295). 

(Click on the infographic below to learn more.)

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  • randyunsbee

    Guy, you are providing misleading and biased information. Foreign aid is next to useless, and is almost always stolen and corrupted. The leading nation in overall foreign funding is the U.S., with private donations, most of which actually get to the people in need. The rest of the world pales in comparison. Stop drinking the kool aid and research the facts before spreading misinformation.

  • Bernad


    Your an american, you misdoubht facts.