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Whooping cough becoming immune to the vaccine?

Whooping cough is a nasty and dangerous disease


The Huffington Post is reporting that Whooping cough seems to be changing and mutating in to a new strain. This from a letter published yesterday in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Scientists have been studying the fact that Whooping cough seems to be making a bit of a come-back and concluded years ago that the vaccine of the ’90s wasn’t as effective as those in prior years. But now it seems that there could be evidence suggesting that the germs responsible for this dreadful and sometimes deadly disease, could be mutating and accommodating to the vaccine and forming a new strain of Whooping cough.

Experts don’t believe that this new strain is any more deadly – it’s just not as preventable as the old strains were.

Full story at The Huffington Post via The New England Journal of Medicine.

Photo credit: © Arpad Nagy-Bagoly – Fotolia.com

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