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Who’s scanning all these QR codes? [infographic]

It was predicted that QR codes would blow up this year. And they were right. You can’t look at a newspaper, poster, or cereal box anymore without stumbling upon one of the black and white scannable squares. But just because you see one, doesn’t mean you’ll pull out your phone and scan it.

QR code-focused JumpScan has compiled an infographic that offers insight into who’s interacting with them. Read the infographic below to learn more about who’s scanning QR codes, what devices people use to do it, and which brands are running QR code campaigns.

And you know what else is really neat? You can scan every QR code in the infographic.


Full story at Mashable.

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  • Becky Riggle

    Thanks for the post, I enjoyed your info graphic about QR codes. I enjoyed this blog explaining the different types of QR codes: http://bluecloudstudio.com/blog/?p=189

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