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Why ancient Egyptians would have loved Kermit D. Frog, too [video]


Throw a rock in a bar, and you’re likely to hit someone with an Eye of Horus tattoo or perhaps some other piece of ancient Egyptian iconography (though we don’t recommend ever throwing a rock in the bar if you know what’s good for you), but it’s unlikely anyone is bearing one of the lesser-known animal stars of the age: the frog.

For those who thought Kermit D. Frog could only bring a smile to the faces of people of a certain age, they probably didn’t realize that age included that of the Pyramids and beyond, yet as Joy Kremler of the National Gallery of Victoria, Australia explains to Andrew Gray of the Manchester Museum, frogs played a fascinating role in the Egyptian culture, including the birth of kings.

So when it comes to picking a focal point for your natural delivery, feel no shame at grabbing your favorite Muppet and giving that kid the chance at greatness he or she deserves.

Full story at Egypt at the Manchester Museum.

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